We create High Quality Software through Innovation, Journey & Technology


What We Do ?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • System & Database Development
  • Web Service (API)
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development


Happy Customers

Time Saved

Our Focus

We make spending stress free so you have the perfect control. We are focusing on :

  • Clean, Elegant & Awesome Design
  • Great Performance Web & Mobile Application
  • Much more than just UI
  • Tons of Features for UI Kit
  • Clean Code & Easy to Customize the Code for UI Kit
  • Proper Documentation for all of our products
  • Great Customer Support
iJTechnology - Agile

Our Development Lifecycle

We used AGILE Methodology to deliver a high quality software

iJTechnology - Plan


We plan about what kind of software we want to build, how to solve some problem in the next sprint or update the application by feedback from the users.

iJTechnology - Design


In this step we design the frontend so the application will have a Clean, Elegant and Awesome Design.

iJTechnology - Develop


After the design is done, we start to develop the software application.

iJTechnology - Test


In this step, we start to test all the functions in the application until there are no bugs and all functions work well.

iJTechnology - Release / Distribute

Release / Distribute

After testing stage is complete, we start releasing and distributing the application.

iJTechnology - Feedback / Evaluate

Feedback / Evaluate

After the application is live on the internet, we wil get some feedback and reviews from the users. We will evaluate all feedback and update the application if necessary.