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Our products help many developers to learn and develop software. Also helps users who want to have a software platform for their business

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iJTechnology - Web Application Development

Web Application

iJTechnology - Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application

iJTechnology - System & Database Development

System & Database

iJTechnology - Web Service (API)

Web Service (API)

iJTechnology - Backend Development

Backend Development

iJTechnology - Frontend Development

Frontend Development

iJTechnology - Agile

Our Development Lifecycle

We used AGILE Methodology to deliver a high quality software

iJTechnology - Plan


We plan about what kind of software we want to build, how to solve some problem in the next sprint or update the application by feedback from the users.

iJTechnology - Design


In this step we design the frontend so the application will have a Clean, Elegant and Awesome Design.

iJTechnology - Develop


After the design is done, we start to develop the software application.

iJTechnology - Test


In this step, we start to test all the functions in the application until there are no bugs and all functions work well.

iJTechnology - Release / Distribute

Release / Distribute

After testing stage is complete, we start releasing and distributing the application.

iJTechnology - Feedback / Evaluate

Feedback / Evaluate

After the application is live on the internet, we wil get some feedback and reviews from the users. We will evaluate all feedback and update the application if necessary.

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Happy Customers

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I have purchased this for almost half a year, and the product is still being updated. Each update has a release note, and the code quality is also good, which greatly reduces my research time at work


Envato User

All feature are exactly the same as in the description; further more, you would can't find any such excellent service and collaborative like this team ever.

Very appreciate and Thank you very much, devkit.


Envato User

Great customer support and by far the nicest UI Kit for developers.


Envato User

This is the best Flutter Kit available on Canyon if you want Flutter 2.0 AND Null-Safety. The kit is fantastic and well documented. There are several other kits that boast of Flutter 2.0 but don't support null-safety. This one does. The others will require you to revert all of your code to pre-2021 Dart libraries that don't support null-safety. This one fully supports null-safety.


Envato User

I bought this package 10 minutes ago, but it was enought to say that this was what I was looking for: a good starting point for learning flutter from examples, I especially liked the integrations part and I hope it will be expanded with new features/integrations. I didn't checkout out the code yet but the 0 errors/warning are a good sign, project structure seem organized.
For the future I would say to focus on clean and organized code and structure so you can watch to learn how to program with flutter more than adding ton of features leaving out code quality.

Hope it ll goes well and will reach more customers, keep up with the good work.


Envato User

Nice Kit! product is very practical and saves a lot of coding works. codes are very well structured, fluid design, functional, easy to understand with proper documentation. Configuration is easy. The kit itself fit my purpose and more! its definitely worth every penny. and extra point for fast respond from the support. definitely one of the best out there.


Envato User

Great Kit! Much more than just UI.


Envato User